at your house

classes and events

enjoy your kitchen in unexpected ways

Open your house to friends and loved ones and celebrate with handmade pasta and italian cuisine!
Whether you would like to host an intimate dinner or a bigger event focused on making fresh pasta, Matteo can help you to make your idea become reality.

Let him assist you with designing your ideal menu, finding the best ingredients in town and cook for your guests and you making your day special

Private pasta sessions

Do you see yourself eating traditional handmade pasta prepared with the help of a professional italian chef? Maybe even using his collection of vintage pasta machines? A private pasta session is an exciting way to improve your kitchen skills and prepare delicious food for you and your family.

Intimate dining

Celebrate a special event in a unique way and spoil yourself with an extraordinary dinner. From a romantic evening for two to a family gathering, Matteo will make sure to meet your gastronomic expectations with the best Italian ingredients and true flavours.

Exclusive events

Making fresh pasta is a great idea if you love to bring people together in an unusual way! Gather your friends around a big table and open a bottle of your best wine, Matteo will take his vintage pasta machines with him and guide you step by step in the pasta making process before eating it all together.

Personal celebrations

Birthdays and anniversaries are a great occasion to pamper yourself with a special treat. Get in touch with Matteo and together you will for sure find the perfect way to celebrate your special day in the most delicious way possible.


where in Vilnius?

If your house is located inside the highlighted blue circle Matteo will easily reach it and cook in your kitchen.

You can still get in touch with him even though you live outside the blue area , but there might be small fees applied to the service.