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ENjoy a pasta session from anywhere in the world

Connect with your loved ones from the comfort of your kitchen and share the beautiful experience of preparing pasta together even if you are far away.

You can design the lesson around your favourite ingredients and pasta shapes, customizing the lesson to your tastes and needs.

A perfect gift for yourself or any food lover that would like to discover the secrets of this beautiful tradition with the help of an expert pasta chef.

Personal Gifts

Make a gift to a person you care about and transform it into a great experience for both of you. Sharing a pasta session is a perfect way to spend some fun time with a friend doing something memorable together. It is also a great treat for yourself, no reason needed...

Virtual Family Reunion

Collect all your family and friends and prepare for the most delicious reunion ever! There is nothing that brings people together like preparing some handmade pasta! Cooking together might even become your weekly habit to stay in touch.

Private Pasta Lessons

Who wouldn't love to have access to a professional italian chef who shares his knowledge about handmade pasta? With Matteo' s help you will discover many secrets and tricks to master the traditional art of fresh pasta in no time. Perfect for both beginners and experts.


Virtual lessons are a great solution when you need to focus on particular aspects of handmade pasta. Vegan sauces, pasta issues, coloured dough or pasta tools are only some of the topics you can discuss with Matteo regardless of your pasta level or culinary skills.

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