Spending ten years working in the best restaurants in Europe made me realize that food was my way of communicating with the people around me.

Cooking for me is almost like speaking in a universal language. I could reach people and establish those meaningful connections through food.

I now live in Vilnius where I consult restaurants, hotels and hospitality businesses helping them with financial, operational and strategic decisions. 

I organize courses, events and workshops focused on the social aspect of cooking together.

INSIEME is my new gastronomic studio in Vilnius where I am creating unique gastronomic experiences.

Open in September 2023, the Studio is perfect to host private celebrations, gastronomic courses and Pop-Up events!

INSIEME can be translated with “Together” as the main goal is sharing the Italian spirit of conviviality created around great food.

Restaurant consulting

Opening a new restaurant or improving an existing one is a complex activity that requires experience and knowledge of many aspects.

Concept and menu design, staff training, products and suppliers research, guest experience journey, analysis and report of your current situation, you name it – I am happy to help!

Gastronomic experiences

Preparing delicious Italian food or a Neapolitan pizza is the perfect activity for your birthday, a bachelorette’s party or for a teambuilding event.

Improve your culinary skills or simply enjoy a glass of wine and relax until the food is ready!

Online options are also available.

Private chef

Have a unique tailor-made experience and pamper yourself with an exclusive dinner in your home.

I will design your dream menu based on your preferences and all you have to do is relax. I will take care of everything, from shopping to cleaning!

Have a great gastronomic experience with your friends and family without leaving your home!

Online Shop

The best way to experience our collection of italian pasta tools is to visit the store. From the home cook to the experienced chef you will for sure find the right tool to improve your pasta skills.

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