Spending ten years in some of the best restaurants in Europe made me realize that food is a strong way of communicating with the people around me.

Through food I could reach out to people establishing meaningful connections, speaking in a universal language. Pasta is perfect for this aim, so I went back to my italian roots and focused entirely on becoming a pasta chef.

I organize courses, events and corporate workshops focused on the social aspect of making fresh pasta and Italian rich traditions and culture.

corporate workshops

Preparing delicious Italian food is the perfect activity for your teambuilding event.
Matteo will lead the workshop stimulating interactions among the participants and creating the best environment to learn new skills!
Online options are also available.

classes & events

Have a fully tailor-made experience cooking together with an Italian Chef.
Let Matteo guide you step by step into the food making process teaching you everything you ever wanted to know about ingredients, tools, techniques and Italian traditions.

digital experiences

Start making fresh pasta in the most relaxed environment you can think of… Your home!
Create your own tailor-made experience that you can share with friends, family and loved ones even when they are far away.


Pasta Tools

The best way to experience our collection of italian pasta tools is to visit the store. From the home cook to the experienced chef you will for sure find the right tool to improve your pasta skills.

contact me

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To know about upcoming Pop-ups, pasta classes, special dinners and underground events!

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