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3 delicious Journeys into italian cuisine

The best way to experience Italy’s rich culinary heritage is by indulging in a truly authentic gastronomic journey. 
That’s why I created three unique experiences that are designed to take you through the rich flavors and textures of Italian cuisine.

These experiences can be organized wherever you prefer. Whether you prefer a culinary studio, your own private home, or even an unusual location, I will bring the taste of Italy to you.

Book your Unique Italian Gastronomic Experience today and experience the authentic flavors of Italy for yourself!

Gastro Experience #1

Pasta experience

Dive into the art of fresh pasta making.

Using vintage Italian pasta machines and traditional heritage tools you will learn how to make a variety of pasta shapes from the simplest ones to beautiful ravioli.

Together we will also prepare sauces and enjoy a delicious meal together with the pasta and dessert you have just made.

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Gastro Experience #2

Dark pizza experience

Starting from flour and water I will show you how to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza, complete with a dark, crispy crust made with activated charcoal.

You will learn the secrets of making a perfect pizza dough and toppings, and enjoy a delicious meal together with the pizza you have made.

Your pizza will cook it in a portable oven that can reach 450°C and can be transported to virtually any location – yes, even a forest or the shore of a lake!


Gastro Experience #3

Italian dinner

We will prepare a delicious, multi-course meal inspired by the flavors of Italy!

You will enjoy a carefully curated menu, featuring classic Italian dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

We can create your bespoke menu  together and enjoy your favorite dishes from Italian heritage.